Military & Family Life Counselors

Magellan Health is committed to ensuring that those in need get help no matter where they are. Nothing exemplifies this ethos more than Magellan Federal’s Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLCs).

These dedicated counselors are embedded in military installations throughout the United States and around the globe to provide non-medical, solution-focused counseling to military families.

Read below for stories highlighting the remarkable difference these devoted individuals make in the lives of those that they care for.

Upon hearing that their parent was deploying, she explored ways in which the three students could express their feelings, grow closer with one another, and remain connected to the deployed parent while away.

Kelly Rios, school MFLC, Eglin Air Force Base

Kelly has developed a strong connection with three siblings at the middle school by meeting one-on-one with them to introduce herself and MFLC services as well as doing casual check-ins in the cafeteria.

Upon hearing that their parent was deploying, she explored ways in which the three students could express their feelings, grow closer with one another, and remain connected to the deployed parent while away. Kelly began meeting with the siblings in a group setting to provide space for sibling bonding, as well as one-on-one, to provide opportunities for each to share their thoughts and feelings surrounding the deployment.

The MFLC and the students worked to create a Valentine’s Day themed care package, decorating the outside and inside with colored paper, drawings by the three children, and cutout shapes. The children appeared to take pride in their work and excitedly created a list of items they plan to send in the box, such as handwritten notes, family photos, favorite snacks, and a Valentine.The students took the work in progress home to allow their other siblings and family members to contribute before sending it to their parent. The opportunity allowed the siblings to engage in a fun activity while openly discussing the challenges of deployment, bonding over shared emotions and creating something unique to surprise the deployed parent.

Kelly was able to provide a safe space for emotional processing while increasing rapport and showing creative ways in which the MFLC can support the students.

More Testimonials


Renee Grant, CYBC MFLC, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Ms. Renee has been one of the most hands-on and dynamic MFLCs I have ever worked with in my 10 years with Child and Youth Services (CYS). Ms. Renee is a great source of knowledge and support to kids, parents and staff. She always has some activity, book, story, information to benefit our families. She can be counted upon to participate in parent-teacher meetings and provide her input and support to all those involved. Ms. Renee maintains good communication with myself and with Ms. Valencia (trainer) in order to ensure the activities and resources she brings are aligned with CYS policies and procedures. She has become part of our Cook CDC family!


The MFLC team at Vicenza Elementary School, Italy

Vicenza Elementary School is so grateful for our MFLCs. Ms. Bonnie, Ms. Brittany, and Ms. Romilla have been such a wonderful addition to our VES family. They work hand-in-hand with our counselor, creating opportunities for our students to engage in work sessions that build confidence, teach coping skills, and other skills that help our students embrace change, challenges, and stress. Our MFLCs have made a huge difference in the way our students interact with teachers and each other. They have helped students build confidence both academically and emotionally through the implementation of academic programs like small groups, lunch bunch, a Black History Month essay writing contest, and even recess and lunch duty. They are currently working with the guidance counselor to plan activities for Women’s History Month and the Month of the Military Child. Our MFLCs give elbow bumps, they dry tears, create smiles and have quickly become an integral part of our VES family.

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