Template Landing Pages

Completing a landing page

Landing pages are an important part of your site. They are the principal point at which your users will arrive at your website. It is important that Landing Pages fulfill the following:

  1. Make a good impression – Landing pages should look high-quality and welcoming. Most first-time users make a snap judgement about your site within the first couple of seconds of arriving. A messy, confusing, or unprofessional looking landing page will increase your bounce rate (the rate at which a visitor arrives at your site and leaves without looking at another page)
  2. Direct your visitors – think of your landing pages as the lobby of an office building. If they are successful, it will be easy for the user to see where to find the information they are looking for. Links should be prominent, easy-to-find and easy-to-click. Try not to weigh the page down by adding too much content – instead link to content pages with more information.
  3. SEO Perfection – landing pages are extremely important for websites to attract search engines. Make sure that you are using your strongest keywords, make sure that all headers include keywords, that images have keyword-rich alt-text and titles and that you have built everything error-free.

Below are the types of templates that have been set up to help  you complete  a landing page

We have built sample landing pages for you to use for a variety of Marketing needs. We recommend following these templates closesly as they have been built with optimal UX in mind.