From time to time, we are aware of various scams relating to hiring employees. It has come to our attention that a false representative is contacting potential candidates and offering them work at home positions with Magellan Health. “Interviews” are conducted completely through email or instant messaging, and the false job offer includes the promise of a check to be issued to the candidate for the purposes of setting up a home office.

We want you all to know that Magellan has very detailed processes for sourcing, interviewing and hiring employees. As a rule, Magellan does NOT:

  • Interview you for positions using instant messaging systems. Interviews will be conducted via a phone screen and, if appropriate, in-person.
  • Send employment offer letters signed by our chairman and CEO. Offer letters are signed by the talent recruiter you work with during the interviewing process.
  • Ask you for personal information such as bank account numbers. Any personal information is entered by you in our HR system Workday after you are hired as an employee.
  • Ask anyone to withdraw money from a personal account for any reason. In fact, if you are hired to work at home, Magellan will provide you with the appropriate computer equipment.

While phishing scams like this are incredibly frustrating and unfortunate to deal with, we ask that you take every precaution; if something seems “wrong” to you, know that this may not be legitimate.

If you suspect you are being contacted by a false representative of Magellan Health, please call 410-953-2911 immediately.