At Magellan Health, we have a unique vision of better and more affordable care in the fast-growing, highly complex and high-cost areas of healthcare

What is the Magellan Difference? 

Complete-person perspective

Our complete-person perspective drives value and enables us to deliver personalized care solutions for all that we serve.

This approach is fueled by 40 years of clinical excellence, a culture of empathy, and a belief in the power of focusing on the health and well-being of every individual. We connect behavioral, physical, pharmacy and social needs into a complete picture of care that’s personalized, coordinated and cost-effective.

Magellan Health’s complete-person approach is supported by four pillars:

Four Pillars:

Magellan difference

  • Clinical Excellence - From decades of evidence-based best practices to the latest thinking in healthcare, we're doing well by doing good
  • Inspired insights - Challenging convention with fresh thinking and innovative solutions that move healthcare forward
  • Human-focused technology - Driving better outcomes, experiences and cost through agile technology
  • Personalized health - Empowering individuals through individualized, tailored health and wellness solutions 

Magellan's Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles and Values

Our vision: Sparking innovation to build healthier and brighter futures.

Our mission: Magellan guides individuals to make better decisions, and live healthier and more fulfilling lives, by improving the overall quality and affordability of healthcare.

Our guiding principles: At Magellan, we are:

  • Customer driven
  • Growth focused
  • Innovation oriented
  • Passionate and responsible stewards
  • Committed to the communities we serve

Our values

Turning fragmented care into focused care, we empower 1 in 10 Americans to lead healthier, more vibrant lives every day.