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The mission of the USAR Psychological Health Program is to advocate and support Service Members and families by promoting mental fitness and personal wellness for operational readiness. Our goals are to: Aid in the retention of experienced and qualified service men and women, Integrate psychological fitness in daily life, Reduce stigma associated with mental health and substance abuse, and Decrease barriers to treatment by facilitating access to resources.


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Anger Management

Conflict Resolution

Controlling Anger

Communicating Well

Parent/Child Communication - 3 to 5

Parent/Child Communication - 6 to 9

Parent/Child Communication - 10 to 12

Parent/Child Communication - 13 to 18

Communication for Teens

Parent and Child Communication during Conflict

Three C's of Communication


Parent and Child Communication during Deployment

Combat Related Stress Reactions

Deployment Survival

After Deployment Podcasts

US Army Reserve Webinar Reintegration

Families in Transistion

Introducing a New Baby

Children and Moving


What to Say When Someone's Grieving

How Birth to Two Years Old Grieve

How Three to Five Years Old Grieve

How Six to Twelve Years Old Grieve

How Teens Grieve

Survivor’s Guilt


Building a Healthy Marriage

Creating a Healthy Marriage

Stress Management

US Army Reserve Webinar Stress Management


US Army Reserve Webinar Suicide Prevention

Crisis Call Management


At Risk Service Members: A Guide for Command

Command Directed Behavioral Health Evaluations

At Risk Service Members Webinar

Psychological Health Program "This is what we do!"

Learn more about the USAR Psychological Health Program by linking to our Webinar

USAR Psychological Health Program Overview (Spanish Version)

Psychological Health Program & Post-Ventions

DCOE Monthly Webinar 

Defense Centers Of Excellence Monthly Webinars

Your Feedback

Commands and Consultations

Service Members/Dependents

SM Following Up After Referral

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