District: Suncoast
Submitted by: Joe Paul, Chairperson
Submitted date: 07/29/2013

Date of Meeting: 04/17/2013
Time of Meeting: 10:00 am
Date of next meeting: 06/26/2013


Joe Paul APWU Lakeland, Chairperson Rosemary Spade APWU Mid-Florida Dan Spires EAP Consultant Felix Rodriguez NPMHU Mid-Florida, Ad Hoc Ira Edelstein NPMHU VP, Ad Hoc Larry Barron NPMHU Tampa, Ad Hoc Don Nogiewich NALC Clearwater Ellen Wholey Manger Safety, Suncoast District Doug Fiedler Postmaster Clearwater Detlev Aeppel NALC Tampa Leroy Middleton MPOO B1, Suncoast District Judy Farrell Human Relations Manager, Suncoast District


Michael Searle APWU Tampa Eric Siegel EAP Consultant Meridith Fuentes NMPHU Tampa, Ad Hoc Dan Tegreeny NALC Orlando Kathleen Kaplan APWU Maura Solomita EAS


1. Introduce guests 2. Eric Siegel or Dan Spires will give reports 3. Judy Farrell will give a report 4. Review of the March 20, 2013 meeting minutes (attached) 5. You will notice that I have incorporated our EAP QR code (is the term used for ‘quick response’) on both the Meeting Minutes as well as our Agenda packet on the upper left side of the pages. We will attempt to include this QR code on all of our future projects. 6. Old reports 7. New reports


Dan Spires handed out his new business cards. He pointed out to everyone that the QR code developed at Dan Nogiewich’s suggestion is being used nationally on the back of the new business cards. • Judy Farrell stated that the EAP Coaching information was sent to all EAS employees to encourage them to use it. Information for craft employees will be out soon. Service Talks for craft employees are pending certification. EAP information was sent out via the Suncoast Scoop. Dan Nogiewich pointed out that the QR code was not on the ad. • The minutes from the March 20th meeting were reviewed. No quarterly reports were available for review. Joe Paul stated if Eric will e-mail the report to Joe, he will send it out to the Committee members. • EAP involvement with the Unions was discussed. EAP had a booth at the Florida State APWU Spring Seminar. Dan Spires stated he can also get copies of all the handouts that were at the EAP table at this Seminar. • Members of the Committee were reminded Eric Siegel had requested all members send him a picture so he could update the bulletin board in Tampa. The Committee discussed taking another group picture. • Judith stated that the new EAP talk would be going out on Friday. The EAS talk was not certified, but the craft employees talk would be certified. Whether craft employees are actually receiving the service talks was discussed. Due to understaffing it is difficult to find time at all the facilities to give stand up talks. Employees are being given one on one talks or handouts. • Leroy Middleton is checking on the legalities of having people representing various clubs, being granted access to the have informational booths inside the facilities for “Life Fairs.” The Committee wanted to be able to offer employees outlets to assist them with coping the stresses of life. Leroy will speak with Enola. Judy Farrell felt it was not an issue as long as nothing is being sold, though it would be preferable that these events were held outside the buildings. Discussion was held whether to coat tail the Life Fairs of other activities held by the Social and Recreation Committees or to include them with a Safety and Health Fair. • The Committee discussed having a trial Life Fair at one of the larger facilities such as Tampa P&DC. The Committee decided they need to gather ideas to get a rough idea of what type event this will be; the advertising for it, which activities to include, and whether there will be any costs entailed. Also we need to decide what the identity of the event is; i.e., balancing life and work, work and family. Judy will check to see if we can have a Safety and Health Fair and piggyback the EAP event on it. She should know something by the end of next week.


The Committee discussed having a slogan contest to replace “Make the Call.” Suggestions could be e-mailed to Joe Paul’s personal e-mail address at JPaulAPWU@gmail.com. We could advertise the contest in the Suncoast Scoop and post flyers in all the facilities. We will continue to look into what kind of prize could be offered. • Joe Paul will invite Enola Rice to the next EAP DAC meeting. • Ira reminded everyone that an EAP Consultant should be present at all excessing announcements. EAP was not invited to the last Town Hall Meeting at Mid- Florida to announce an excessing event. • Doug Fielder suggested EAP (Maybe Nationally) send out a message to reassure employees after the Boston Marathon bombing and the ricin incidents.

Agenda items for next meeting:


Advisory Committee questions should be posed to the NJC by calling Deborah Atkins at 202-268-8708. Employees, eligible family and household members with questions about program services should call 800-327-4968 TTY: 877-492-7341.

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